Updated 01 December 2017


Competition entry forms are now due in - please forward as soon as you can

Division 1 Halfway House win 8-3, Chesham RBL win 9-2 and lose 6-5 to Potters Arms in a rearranged match, they also 6-5 on Tuesday, Bobby's Boys win 7-4, Moonies win 6-5

Division 2 - Crown Ley Hill had their Bye, Chesham & Ley Hill GC A move up to second place with a 10-1 win, George & Dragon drop to third after they lose 6-5 to the Rays Rebels Jolly pirates win 7-4 against the sporties

Division 3 - Watersiders win 7-4, Drifters win 7-4 Chesham & Ley Hill GC B win 9-2

League table updated after earlier error, thanks for letting me know



Division one Winners Bobbys Boys - Runners Up Halfway House.

Division two winners Dave Javu - Runners Up Strongbow.

Division Three winners Rays Rebels - Runners Up Jolly Pirates.

Pete Ford Cup Winners Chesham RBL - Runners Up Belmont

Denis Holmes Plate Winners Crown Ley Hill - Runners Up Chesham & Ley Hill GC 'B'

Singles winner Mick Carrick (Belmont) - Runner Up Steve Dalton (Halfway House)

Pairs Winners D Smith & S Dalton (Halfway House) - Runners Up K Payne & A Parrin (Chesham RBL)

Triples Winners N Beavan, M Carrick & J Hemmings (Belmont) - Runnners Up W Silk, D Bailey & S Ricketts (Halfway House)

Mixed Pairs Winners A & L Parrin (Chesham RBL) - Runners Up K Payne & J Parrin (Chesham RBL).